Love Your Life Platinum Membership

We admit it!

We’re TOTAL info junkies here at Love Your Life!

And we’re multi-passionate too!

We’re interested in everything, and love expanding our minds and knowledge, learning new information and skills!

We believe that information IS freedom; that the more you know and understand about life, love and (almost!) everything else, the better equipped you are to navigate your way through challenges and can truly create a life you love!

One of the first things you probably do when you have a challenge or problem is you pick up your smartphone, fire up your browser, and type in “creative ways to use up brown bananas”, or something equally pressing (Free Tip:, brown bananas are great for making banana bread as they’re much easier to mash up than yellow ones!)!

So you already know that information will help you save money (those bananas would have been thrown out and wasted if you hadn’t found that recipe for banana bread!).

But what about something a bit more in-depth?

What about getting away from your dull day job and pursuing your dream of working for yourself at home in your own business?

We have a whole department dedicated to starting and running your own business, with resources from training courses on podcasting, to graphics collections that you can use on your brand new website.

Having the information we need to start our own business gives us the freedom to earn money in a way that is in alignment with our own values, productivity, timescales, health, and family commitments.

What about learning how to take care of your body?

We have a whole department on that too!

Because having the information we need to keep our body as healthy as possible gives us the freedom to keep doing the things we want, and need, to do.

I speak from experience here as I found out way too late in life that I had a genetic connective tissue disorder.

If I’d known from a younger age that I had this, I would have taken greater care of my body and not thrashed it working 56 hour weekends in a physically demanding job when I was a student.

Or worked a 9-5 during the day then stayed up till midnight soldering pipes whilst putting in our own new central heating system!

Or worked 28 days straight without a day off whilst heavily pregnant in the run-up to my maternity leave!

The more information you have, the more you are able to make well-informed decisions about what you do with your time here!



So we decided to launch our

Love Your Life Platinum Membership Club!











For all you multi-passionate info junkies who get as excited as a child on Christmas morning at the thought of a tonne of courses, ebooks, tools, and other resources being available to you INSTANTLY!!!!

This membership is for you if you’re a free spirit, or a multi-passionate, who is fascinated by personal development, loves exploring different ideas, learning new information, discovering new things about yourself and the world every day, and might also be described as a bit of a geek!

You love letting your intuition guide you towards what you want to explore next!

Your idea of a good time is downloading a new ecourse on something you currently find fascinating, and mining it for its buried treasure!

Your spirit lights up when you learn new ideas, or you can push the boundaries of your current ways of thinking.

You love to follow the breadcrumbs of your current interests, learning how you and the world tick, and you’re incredibly open-minded so relish the mind-stretching experience of dipping your toe into less mainstream topics like spirituality, and alternative health.

If you’ve ever bought one of the amazing Ultimate Bundles (I’ve bought a fair few now!), you’ll be familiar with our concept here.

Except with our membership, it lasts a whole year, covers multiple topics, has more products added to it throughout the year, AND you only have ONE log-in to remember… 😉

Think of it as an Ultimate Bundle on steroids!

We journey out into the far reaches of the digital universe, exploring the vast galaxy of information products out there (can you tell I wanted to be an astronaut when I was a child?!), seeking out precious nuggets that can help you Love Your Life.

Then we curate what we find and buy the rights to resell them to you, saving you the vast sums of money it would take to buy them all yourself!

We invest 100s of pounds every year to buy the rights to these products, so that YOU don’t have to!

We also create completely EXCLUSIVE resources too, from printables, ecourses, Canva templates, spreadsheets, and more, that you can’t get anywhere else in the world!

For you, the pursuit of new knowledge IS the goal, but you don’t want to be constrained to just learning about one thing, or told how to learn it, and when.

You’re busy, juggling multiple responsibilities, and you just don’t have the time to sit and tune into hour-long webinars, with question and answer sessions where half the questions aren’t even relevant to you, EVEN when you’re fascinated with the topic.

And as a multi-passionate person, you don’t want to commit lots of money and time studying an ecourse on just one topic when your interests might change next week (yes, I have an #ADHD brain too!)

So all the offerings included within our membership are freely available, at ANY time of the day and night, with no set times when you need to make yourself available to partake.

So when 1am rolls round and you can’t sleep AGAIN because your active mind is on fire, you can hop on in, browse the virtual shelves of our digital library, and find something that captures your attention to learn about.

When you join us, most of the resources we have currently become instantly available to you, like opening up a treasure chest of information for you to explore whenever the mood takes you, and whatever you feel guided towards in that moment!

And as long as your membership remains active, you will also gain instant access to the digital products* we release in the future too!



And because we are equally passionate about sharing knowledge and giving value for money, we’re also ADDICTED to adding more and more items to our store for you!









So your membership will be worth

even MORE to you!

You also love being pleasantly surprised!

Because unlike a lot of memberships that plan all their content out in advance and let you know exactly what’s being released in the future, one of our unique selling points is that we ourselves don’t always know what gems we’ll find out there on our explorations!

So you might wake up one morning to an email telling you that we’ve just uploaded a new ecourse about Emotional Intelligence that we found and curated into your membership yesterday!

Or you can now download a brand new journal that we suddenly felt inspired to create for you based on an email request from one of our members, and we stayed up all night fuelled by passion, to create it there and then!

So if, just like us, you have an insatiable appetite for life and learning, and want access to EVERYTHING right now, join us and start exploring and learning today! 

What’s Included With The Love Your Life Platinum Membership?

Being multi-passionate means we’re interested in multiple aspects of life!

No being tied down to a single niche for US 😉 

So you’ll find a HUGE variety of resources including, but not limited to:

  • ebooks
  • full courses
  • video training
  • graphics packs
  • printables
  • audios, including music files
  • tools such as spreadsheets
  • and loads more!

across all the following aspects of life:

  • Love Your Body
  • Love Your Business
  • Love Your Career
  • Love Your Children
  • Love Your Community
  • Love Your Home
  • Love Your Leisure
  • Love Your Mind
  • Love Your Money
  • Love Your Pets
  • Love Your Relationships
  • Love Your Spirit
  • Love Your World


Let’s Make This EVEN MORE of a No-Brainer!

When we add a new digital product to our store– you’ll get access to THAT too, all the time your membership is active!

Normally, this only costs £127.00 per year, for all our digital eBooks, courses, tools, kits, graphics, audios and MORE!

BUT, to celebrate turning 50 last year, I’m giving YOU a birthday gift!

I’m giving EVERYONE who signs up between 1st October 2022 and 28th October 2023, our full Platinum Membership for just £50!

AND You’ll Enjoy This Insanely Low Annual Renewal Price For As Long As You Keep Your Membership!

After 28th October 2023, the price will go back up to £127 per year.

And as we add more resources, and greater value, to our membership, we may decide to raise the price further down the line.

Lock in now at this low birthday price, and you’ll keep paying just £50 every year (as long as you maintain your membership), EVEN if the price goes up in future!

Pay ONLY £50 per year!  That’s less then £4.17 per month; you probably spend more on coffee and snacks 😉 











“Unlike Ms Impulsive up there wink, I need to know the details of what I’m getting right now.  So what EXACTLY is included…?”

Smart question!  I’m a big advocate of informed decision-making too 🙂

So shown below, in each category, are all the products you’ll have available to you as soon as you join us!

Some of these products sell individually for £97, so your membership is giving you INCREDIBLE value for money!

And if you’re STILL not sure, when you sign up for our email list you’ll ALSO receive a £20 voucher that you can use in our store to try us out first (excluding certain products, such as our physical goods, the ph360 membership, and the Platinum Membership, which is already heavily discounted).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I get EVERYTHING I see on the website when I join?
A:  The Love Your Life Platinum Club gives you instant access to ALL* our digital products currently on the site, and in addition, you get INSTANT access to everything we release in future, as long as your membership is active!

Q: How do I access my resources?
A: Most of the downloadable products are available through the store; find the item you wanted to download and once you have access to them, a Download tab will appear on that item.  Some of the bigger courses are available through your Course Dashboard, which is under “My Account” on the main menu.  And one of our resources, “Newbie Lessons”, is accessed via our partner’s website, so you’d need to create a login with them.  This is because it is SOOO big and is updated regularly, so the creator keeps it on their website so they can maintain it more easily than pushing out updates to all their partners so often!


*Does not include ANY of our physical products, online software and other external products, or the ph360 membership.

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