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Journal prompts are helpful because they enable you to bypass some of your conscious mind and reveal things about yourself that you may not have realised or have been suppressing.

This increases your self-awareness, shining a light on buried negative beliefs that could be sabotaging your life, and enabling you to change those beliefs into more helpful, positive ones that can help you to become happier and more fulfilled in life.

This beautifully designed 40-page printable self-love journal is filled with reflective journal prompts, inspirational quotes, and beautiful curated images to encourage you to reflect on your thinking and beliefs.

You can use these journal prompts during your regular journal sessions.

Or any time you feel resonates with you.

Two formats are included in the price:  a printable PDF that you can fill in with beautiful glittery gel pens (or whatever media float your boat!), and a fillable PDF that you can open up on your devices and type directly in the boxes, save and print out once completed.  Or do a mixture of the two!

So, grab a pen and this journal, and start creating a life you love!

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