A Journey Towards Your Beautiful, Authentic Life Course


Learning to live your life authentically is a process. This course takes you through that process on an introspective journey that will result in newfound self-awareness, self-confidence, and the courage to create a life that truly makes you happy.

You’ll find tools, techniques, and strategies throughout to make your journey a success.

The course includes 49 lessons with a variety of reflections, exercises, and even a field trip, to guide you through this exciting journey to authenticity.

Your journey starts with getting to know who you really are.

  • Clarify your beliefs and values.
  • Discover your true passions.
  • Develop a healthy self-concept.

The path continues with proven techniques that will help you accept and love the person you find inside.
Put your new self-knowledge to work in the next part of your journey as you discover your life purpose and determine your priorities in life – what’s most important to you!

The last few stops on your journey help you to develop the courage to show the world who you really are.

Set yourself free from the expectations of others.

Create a compelling future that excites you as you end this journey of discovery and start a new one as the real, authentic you!

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Discover who you really are
  • Find out your true passions
  • Build your self-esteem
  • Let go of past mistakes and accept yourself
  • Break free from crippling self-doubts
  • Embrace your individuality
  • Love yourself
  • Find your life purpose
  • Show the world the real you
  • Create a joyful life by living authentically


Are there requirements or prerequisites for this course?

There are no prerequisites for this course. It’s open to anyone who wants to increase their satisfaction in life by learning to be authentic. Your success in this course depends on your willingness to take action. Take the time to do the suggested self-reflections and exercises for maximum benefit.

What benefits will I receive from this course?

  • You’ll find out what it is to live authentically.
  • You’ll discover a lot about yourself and how you got that way.
  • You’ll learn how to accept yourself and love yourself just the way you are.
  • You’ll understand your own value and what you have to offer the world.
  • You’ll boost your self-confidence.
  • You’ll develop the courage to be yourself around others.
  • You’ll discover your passions and how to enjoy them in your daily life.
  • You’ll see how you can structure your life around what matters most to you.

By living authentically, you can simplify your life, reduce stress, strengthen your relationships, build a more satisfying career, and increase your happiness and fulfilment in life.

Is there a particular audience that this course is geared toward?

Those who want to be themselves around others, increase their self-esteem, build their confidence, and live their life according to what’s important to them (not someone else)

What’s Included in this course?

The step-by-step program for letting go of what others think…
This powerful self-study course contains 6 modules with 49 lessons, leading you on an exciting journey to true, liberating authenticity.

It’s a journey of reflection




…and love.

A journey to the TRUE you.

In this life-changing course, you’ll discover:

  • How to discover who YOU truly are…

…and NOT who others want you to be!

  • How to UNLOCK your true passions
  • How to build UNSHAKABLE self-esteem…

…that no one can tear down.

  • How to let go of mistakes and learn to ACCEPT yourself
  • How to EMBRACE your individuality
  • How to LOVE yourself…

…with all your strengths and weaknesses.

  • How to find your life purpose and stop wandering from thing to thing
  • How to show the world the REAL you without fear of what others think
  • How to shape and create the JOYFUL life you’ve always wanted by living authentically
  • How to shed the harmful expectations of others
  • And so much more!

Here’s the breakdown of the 6 modules…

MODULE #1: Knowing and Understanding Yourself

You’ll learn how to gain a true understanding of who you are.
You’ll unveil your personal identity
Discover your deeply cherished values
And learn how to tap into your deepest passions, finding out who you want to be, and then charting the way forward.

MODULE #2: Giving Your Self-Concept A Makeover

Once you understand yourself, you’ll give your self-concept a full makeover.
You’ll discover the power of reevaluating your past
Building and maintaining unshakable self-esteem
Proactively increasing your self-worth
And determining who you really want to be.

MODULE #3: Learning to Accept Yourself For Who You Are

It’s a beautiful thing to accept yourself without judgment.
In this powerful section, you’ll learn what it means to find true self-acceptance.
You’ll come to terms with who you really are
Let go of your past mistakes, and learn to forgive yourself.
We’ll help you eliminate your negative self-image, so you can create a beautiful new soundtrack for your life.

MODULE #4: Learning to Love Yourself

Only when you learn to love yourself can you begin to love others.
You’re going to finally learn how to embrace your individuality and stop desperately seeking the approval of others.
You’ll learn how to avoid the fatal flaw of comparing yourself to others and the power of believing in yourself.
Finally, you’ll learn how to love your body, emotional self, intellectual self, and spiritual self.

MODULE #5: Determining Your Life Purpose

Through a series of revealing self-questions:
You’ll tap into the power of writing and meditation
To help you find out what you should focus on for your life purpose.
You’ll learn how to make your purpose an integral part of your life
And you’ll discover the amazing benefits of finding your life purpose.

MODULE #6: Living Authentically

In this final section, you’ll learn how to leverage everything you learned so you can finally live authentically.
You’ll dare to be yourself
Reveal your true personality
And find the courage to express your feelings.
You’ll present yourself honestly
Unlock the power of your inner voice
And develop the courage to create originality.
To top it all off
You’ll create a compelling vision of your future.

PLUS additional resources, reflections, and affirmations

PLUS module quizzes to help you go over each module

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