Love For Our Products and Services!

Love For Our Services!

Our Pregnancy and Birth Preparation Courses

I feel much more confident after the course as I am more informed as to what to expect and able to make decisions rather than just do what the Drs etc are saying without questionMum


Before the course I had pre-conceptions that choices were not really available.  Now I feel more able to discuss my personal choices with healthcare professionalsMum


Lots of commitment, but worth doing!Mum


Good fun and interesting!Dad


Excellent, extremely helpful, great teacher who listened and didn’t give opinionsDad


The main thing I’m going to take away  from the course is that there’s no right or wrong in parenting and to feel confident in making our own decisions regarding labour and parentingMum


I felt anxious and scared about labour and birth before the course.  After the course I feel a lot less anxious and more positive, and I know more on how to copeMum


[Motherhood] is extremely hard work, but he’s worth every bit of it and I’m constantly using my knowledge from the antenatal classes to help me get through it, so thank you!Mum


I had a really positive experience, so thank you!  I think all your lessons helped for sureMum


Thanks very much.  The classes definitely helped especially when things got a bit traumatic. I would recommend them to anyone having their first child.”  Dad


I found the class to be really informative and you give far more information than I thought you would get at something like this. ”  Mum


I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help and advice, I found the courses so incredibly helpful and really chuffed that we decided to do them – you were great!Mum


I’ve learned LOADS of things that haven’t  been covered in my training – really glad I was able to observe the course!2nd Year Trainee Midwife


Really enjoyed the course.Dad


Thanks for running the course, we really enjoyed it and found it very helpful.” Mum


We’ve covered so much that it wouldn’t have even occurred to me to think about; I’ve been telling everyone at work just how useful it is and how much I’ve learned from it.Dad


Both [partner’s name] and I found the sessions really useful.Mum


So much we learnt on the course has helped us, particularly with establishing the feeding and just understanding newborns and their behaviour/needs, so thanks Arlette for equipping us so well!”  Mum


[Partner’s name] and I were both very glad we’d been to your classes when things weren’t going to plan at the end of my pregnancy and through labour.Mum


“All your words of wisdom have been put to good use recently as we had our shot at a natural delivery this time – we were grateful we had the sessions with you with the twins even though we weren’t able to put it into practice that time round!  Lots of your advice was helpful, we found the  sessions really helpful to both pregnancies and births, so pat yourself on the back!”  K and S, expectant parents to twins when attending my course, now parents to another beautiful baby and still using what they learned on the course!

Praise for our other products and services

“I needed a quick turnaround on a product launch and Arlette said she could work to my ridiculously short deadline.


I asked for the work by lunchtime and by mid-morning, all the work was there in my inbox!


Not only that, but Arlette sensitively pointed out some errors in my work that I had missed. She took the initiative of putting them right for me (after asking my permission) and did a sterling job working closely with me for several hours until we were both happy with the finished product.


I cannot recommend Arlette highly enough; her attention to detail is exemplary and her motivation and enthusiasm is second to none. I would use her services again (and again and again!)”, Rachelle Strauss, Author, and Director of Gloucestershire Web Designs.

Impressive Service!“, J Whitehead, Isle of Wight

“I had Arlette Wood [as my doula] but I don’t think she’s carried on as she has a new baby but she was awesome. 


I had a doula not to be my birth companion but to support myself and my partner and run around doing things like making tea and coffee, taking over from my oh if he needed the loo etc. 🙂 


It was a bonus birth companion and I loved it, she was great and I’ll forever be grateful. She helped with my placenta encapsulation too.  🙂 


She didn’t take over the role of my oh or the midwives but was there complementing them, it worked really well. Could rave for hours lol!” Charlotte, doula client in July 2014


EXCELLENT service. Highly RECOMMEND. VFM A+. Very pleased. Thank you. Great care and attention to packaging , invoicing and discount. Lovely touches makes a huge difference. Not many sellers of this class and quality around these days.NP, purchaser of one of our mugs in Nov 2021


“The item is lovely, thank-you.” ILC, purchaser of one of our mugs in Nov 2021


“Good seller, friendly communication, would definitely use again and recommend.” MS, purchaser of one of our mugs in Nov 2021


“Well packaged and speedy delivery.” AW, purchaser of four of our mugs in Dec 2021


“Arlette has completely saved the day! When a contractor was unable to complete the creation and setting up of a bespoke Access database for a small membership-led organisation, she stepped in and worked miracles to get it functioning, asking all the right questions to ensure that the end database would perform as required. It is already simplifying the process of booking equipment hires and making a massive difference. Delighted with the attention to detail and level of service received,”   Bex,, Access database client

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