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Camtasia 9 For $20!

Wait, WHAT??! Yup, for an EXTREMELY limited time, you can get a full working, legitimate copy of Camtasia 9, for just $20! Click the button below and grab it whilst you still can! You're very welcome... 🙂

Resigning From NCT Teaching

Just finally sent my formal resignation email to the NCT regarding my antenatal teaching 🙁
It took me 5 years of training, attending monthly tutorials, and I only missed FOUR in all that time; 2 because of bad weather and not being able to get off the Island, 1 because I was due to give birth to Dom any day, and 1 because I had just given birth to Dom!

Words That Get Content Shared on Social Media

Certain words hold more power over our decision making process than others.  Find out what the surprising words are that get content shared on social media with our FREE infographic!

List Building

Building Your List To Build Your Business! Video 1 – An introduction to list building In this quick 2:18-minute video we’ll take a look at how the list building system works. You’ll be shown the standard format as well as a more advanced technique that you will want...

Traffic Module 4

Video 1: Hire an Affiliate Manager If you are trying to get affiliates on board to sell your product hiring an affiliate manager can work really well when it comes to boosting your number of affiliates and boosting the amount of traffic and sales that you get. This...

Traffic Module 3

Video 1: Link Building: Link Pyramids This is a very powerful SEO tactic that you can use to drive traffic to your money site where you make those sales. It involves a combination of content and authority sites and it can work really well for getting traffic. Check...

Traffic Module 2

Introduction To Module 2 Watch this video to re-cap on what you should have learned from the first 25 lessons and what we’ll be going over in the next Video 1: Yahoo Answers Traffic Tactic Using yahoo answers to drive traffic to your site can be a very highly...

Traffic Module 1

Video 1: Introduction To The Traffic Course Watch this video to see what exactly you’ll learn in this course.   Video 2: Keyword Research Part 1 Getting your keyword research right is the corner stone of online success. You will need to know what people are...

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