Are You an Empath?


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Does Your Compassion for Others Overwhelm You?

Do you feel other people’s feelings to a degree that affects you emotionally and even physically?

An empath is someone who can easily be in sync with others, to the point that they can sometimes feel what the other person feels or sense what they’re going through.

‘Are You An Empath?’

This eBook can help you determine if you are or might be an empath, and if so how to enjoy being one.

  • Do you possess some peculiar qualities that are not common in other people?
  • Are you more intuitive than those around you?
  • Do you often feel misunderstood despite your naturally good intentions?
  • Do you wish to understand yourself better and know whether you are an empath?

If you find it easy to relate to other people and have a deep understanding of their nature and struggles, this might be because you are an empath.

Empathy is a well-regarded quality, but some individuals are empathic to such a degree that this trait can seem like a curse. Most empaths suffer in some way for their gifts, and their sensitive yielding natures can mean they are too often taken advantage of.

‘Are You An Empath?’ will help you determine if you are one, and if so, help you take practical steps to protect yourself and use your empathic nature to benefit others without sacrificing so much of yourself to do so.

This eBook explains –

  • Why getting too close to someone can feel overwhelming.
  • You often feel like the odd one out.
  • You crave time alone to recharge your batteries, and why you find escape in nature.
  • Why it is imperative for your own wellbeing to learn to manage your people-pleasing behaviour.
  • The toxic attraction between empaths and narcissists, and how to protect yourself.
  • Essential coping skills and self-care practices.
  • Empath superpowers and how to unleash them.
  • And much, much more!

If you are an empath, you will learn how to appreciate and use your gift without losing yourself in the process.

This eBook also comes with a free workbook too, to help you reflect on, and develop greater awareness of, your empathic nature.

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