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Singing is a great activity to do with babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers!  But you might not always be able to think of a song to sing (or the words to it) just when you need to!

So, we have created this printable song book with words to many favourite children’s songs and rhymes to give you plenty of ideas for what to sing with your little ones.

We have even added suggestions for variations and personalising the songs to your family.  Young children really seem to love having songs about the things they know and can relate to, which means even more fun, learning, and engagement 😊

Finally, you can use this kit to make your own song sack by printing out the picture cards on the last pages. Each one corresponds to a song in the book and once printed, the pictures can be cut up and placed in a bag for your child to choose one at random to help you decide what song to sing!

Because they’re small, you can print several copies of the cards and they can be popped in your nappy bag for out and about.  I’ve found singing to them is a great distraction when my toddlers were bored stuck on a long bus or car journey where they had to stay strapped in a car seat or pushchair.  We could sing The Wheels on the Bus with lots of different verses, and it would keep them happy and distracted!

Happy singing!


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