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In this video training course, you will get to watch over my shoulder – step-by-step, click by click – how to successfully drive traffic to your site!

This advanced course covers topics that only a small minority of internet marketers are actually using. These tactics are so powerful, not only will you increase your traffic, but your lead flow, and ultimately your sales! And because you’ll be generating traffic from quality sources, you can anticipate higher conversions and even more sales!

  • Advance Module 1 – YouTube Videos in Organic Search.  Learn about YouTube videos and organic search and discover its significance in driving traffic to your site and your business!
  • Advance Module 2 – YouTube Relevance SEO Watch Time.  One of the things to consider regarding YouTube videos is ‘watch time’, and discover in this video how can you actually know if people are watching your videos and how to increase ‘watch time’.
  • Advance Module 3 – YouTube Clickable Links.  In this video, I’ll be talking about having links to your offers, websites and YouTube videos and why this is very important in your marketing efforts.
  • Advance Module 4 – Live Events Embedded Google Hangouts.  Google Hangouts is very similar to doing a webinar, and this is very important as it attracts people. I’ll talk about Google Hangouts and more in this video.
  • Advance Module 5 – Solo Ads.  Discover in this video why using solo ads is a cost-efficient way of getting traffic to your site and its significance.
  • Advance Module 6 – Product Creation.  In this video, I’ll show you how you can use JVZoo to create a product, and use the product to further get traffic to your website.
  • Advance Module 7 – Forum Signature Marketing.  Know how you can get more traffic to your website by actively participating in forums and helping other people, and I’m going to show you in this video how to do this right.
  • Advance Module 8 – Amazon Kindle.  I’ll reveal another way of getting people to your website – that is, by writing books and posting it in sites like Amazon Kindle.  Discover what you should and shouldn’t be doing in order to have a successful book, and get massive traffic as a result!
  • Advance Module 9 – Offline and QR Codes.  An awesome way of getting offline traffic to your website is by using tear sheets. I’ll talk about QR codes, tear sheets, and much more in this video.
  • Advance Module 10 – Udemy. is for creating new courses for people who want to learn different subjects. In this video, I’ll provide awesome and helpful information regarding and how you can use this to reach out to more people and get more traffic to your site!

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