Printable Perpetual Calendar for Children


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I developed this when I was home-educating my children.  We used it every day to learn about days of the weeks, months of the year, changing weather, numbers of days in each month, and celebrating special events.  They would love changing the day and date every day, and it was especially exciting when we changed month, and the end of the year, when we changed to a new year sticker, became a special ritual for them 🙂

I coloured the days of the week, starting with Monday, in the colours of the rainbow, so they also learned those too, and in the correct order.

I kept it deliberately ‘frill-free’ to keep the focus on the simplicity of the words, which makes learning to read them easier.

The sheets can be printed and then, depending on the skill of your child(ren), cut out by them so they can feel a sense of ownership of their work.  Because it’s printable, each child could have their own copy. They could hang this in their bedroom or keep it in a family room.



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