Hypnosis Audio Collection

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Hypnosis Audio Collection

This is a collection of 20 different self-hypnosis audio recordings, in MP3 format, that you can listen to anywhere for relaxation and meditation.

In This Product, You Will Have Access To:

tick Hypnotherapy For Financially
Free Mindset.
tick Hypnotherapy To Release Your Inner
Strength And Confidence!
tick Hypnotherapy For Breaking Bad Habits
With Alcohol
tick Hypnotherapy For Breaking Bad Habits
With Smoking.
tick Hypnotherapy For Breaking Bad Habits
With Procrastination!
tick Hypnotherapy For Developing The Zen Of
Being Thin And Healthy!
tick Hypnotherapy For Developing
Positive, Meaningful Relationships With Others.
tick Hypnotherapy For Strength And Inner
Peace with God!
tick Hypnotherapy For Forging The
Path Towards Mastery.
tick Hypnotherapy for Developing Harmony And
Oneness With The Universe!
tick Hypnotherapy For Creating Joy,
Euphoria And Happiness In Life
tick Hypnotherapy For Creating Unlimited
Streams Of Passive Income.
tick Hypnotherapy For Overcoming Pain,
Fear And Childhood Abuses To Attain Freedom!
tick Hypnotherapy For Attaining Any Goal You
Want In Network Marketing!
tick Hypnotherapy For Developing A
Mindset That Will Never Be Shaken By Negativity.
tick Hypnotherapy For Discovering Your True
tick Hypnotherapy For Building Your Life
As Through You Are The Master Life Carpenter!
tick Hypnotherapy For Overcoming Grief,
Failure And Sadness Quickly!
tick Hypnotherapy For Programming An
Internet Marketer’s Mind For Success.
tick Hypnotherapy For Living Your Life As
Though It Is Your Last Day On Earth!


Play these on your computer or laptop in the background whilst working, reading, playing games, or copy them to your phone and listen to them anywhere.

If you’re new to the idea of hypnosis and would like to know more, the small report that accompanies this audio series is available for free download by clicking the button below.


If you need an audio player software to play the recordings on, look no further than VLC!

It’s a great, FREE media player, that you can use to watch ALL our offerings on, and they also have apps for phones!

So you can copy the files to your phone and listen on there too!

VLC allows you to create playlists so you can listen to multiple recordings automatically without needing to interact with your device.

I regularly use VLC to create meditation playlists that I play throughout the night via headphones whilst I sleep.

Unlike YouTube, which often plays ads that disturb the peace and disrupt the brainwave state, VLC is from a non-profit organisation so no intrusive ads.

And once the recordings are on your device, no further internet connection is needed to keep playing them as many times as you like!

Please also be aware that research shows that some people can’t be hypnotised.  So if you find these do not work for you, you may be one of the people that hypnosis just won’t work for.

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