Adult Children of Alcoholic/ Dysfunctional Family Worksheet Pack

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Children who grow up in alcoholic and/or dysfunctional homes often experience additional difficulties that can make their adult lives more challenging than for children who grow up in emotionally stable homes.

This pack of worksheets is designed to help you identify some of the problems you may be experiencing as an adult child who grew up in an alcoholic/dysfunctional household, and suggests ways to help you resolve some of these issues.

Included in the pack are such worksheets as:

  • Challenging Old Beliefs
  • Healthy Boundaries Assessment
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Family Communication

We offer them free as a gift to ACOAs, with love, because we know how challenging life can be, and we feel that ACOAs have had enough barriers to living to their full potential…

We also intend to offer free access to some of our other products to ACOAs.  So if you’d like to be added to our mailing list and receive future information about our ACOA gifting program, please make sure you give permission on the form when you checkout your ‘purchase’ of this free gift.


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