As we come to the end of a year and look towards the new one, it can be an unsettling time.

Our minds start to ask us questions as we attempt to evaluate and judge our worth against some benchmark we’ve mentally created;

  • “What did I achieve this year?”
  • “What losses did I incur?”
  • “Did I achieve my goals?”
  • “Did I even bother to SET any goals?”

and then we can slip into a sense of ourselves as a failure when we don’t ‘measure up’ to our preconceived expectations.

We can mentally put pressure on ourselves JUST by focusing on the concept of a year as a finite resource, which is contrary to the concept that the universe is abundant.

So we look at that concept of these 365/6 days defined as ‘2015’ and imagine we have to achieve X,Y,Z by the time they are ‘over’.

But that’s a mental construct that keeps us trapped into limited thinking.

How about seeing each new day as the start of the next cycle of 365/6 days, and giving up the idea that any goal is to be achieved within the limited container of the 365 days that have been called ‘2015’, or we’re a ‘failure’?

My 2015, as our part of the world calls it, has been pretty bloody awful in many ways; lots of letting go and releasing old attachments, illness etc etc.

But there were also some highlights in there too, which I’ve added to my Page of Gratitude 🙂

I’d previously written off this cycle of 365 days as unlikely to achieve anything positive in for my business, due to all the personal challenges and transformations I’ve been going through.

BUT today I’ve signed up to start a 30 day challenge for December with a biz mastermind group I’m a member of, and I’m going to see what I CAN get done between my self-care days (what I call the ‘bad days’ when I don’t feel well enough to do anything!), and see today as the start of a new cycle of 365 days to move forward from!

Just because the rest of the world tells you a year starts on Jan 1st doesn’t mean you have to stick with that thinking!

Nature didn’t define Jan 1st as the start of her new year – she just continues on her journey each day, regardless of the mental constructs some of us humans place on defining and labelling her 🙂

If she HAD to choose a date to label as her new year, she’d have probably chosen a time when she was in a state of renewal, like Spring.

But then, we can’t even define THAT properly because the concept of Spring differs depending on where in the world you are!

Which is why it’s kind of ridiculous to slap labels onto nature in the first place 😉

We can take that view too and start exactly where we’re at right now!

In those terms, nothing has failed ‘this year’ because a 365 day cycle is constantly renewing itself, just like our whole bodies are in a constant state of renewal!

Hope that helps shift your perspective to a more positive place!

Much love and support to you all, as always…

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