I always love the quiet days between the storm of busyness that is Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve; for me they are the days for going through the cycle of feeling and healing, reflection, dreaming, and then creating.

As an introvert, I only really thrive when I make time to sit and allow my rich inner self to just be, rather than distracting myself with constant activity and company.

I consider this time an essential part of my self-care.

So every year, I plan any social interactions as close to Christmas Day as possible.

I deactivate my Facebook account, and delete the app from my phone, so that I won’t be tempted to get drawn into browsing them.

I set times for Family Time with my children, and ensure they are stuck to, so that I am staying committed to having quality time with them and making that happen.

I schedule ‘date nights’ with my other half to ensure we have quality time together.

And then I also schedule periods of time to just sit with my reflections of the past year, of all that has caused me pain, and allow myself to really FEEL it… and then let it go.

Freeing myself to create a cleaner emotional state for the coming year, and allowing myself to create new dreams and goals of how I want to be, what I want to do, what changes I need to make in myself to grow and evolve, and what habits, negative thought patterns etc, I need to let go of to allow all that to happen…

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