The Bulgaria Adventures 5.6: Bats in the Basement and Bad News from Back Home

FANTASTIC NEWS!!  The Bulgarian authorities cancelled ALL quarantines as of last night, so we’re now released from our property!!

So after breakfast, we took B down into the main village square so he could play in the playground there.

We came back home and had lunch, then more paddling pool in the afternoon!

Ian also slapped a bit of concrete on the balcony, where B had been breaking it up during this and previous visits!

After dinner, we went for a walk up the road and found a field full of sunflowers.

Ian flew the drone up there, which was great to see the Balkan mountains.

Shortly afterwards, there was a brief shower of the warmest rain I’ve ever felt and then we were treated to a glorious rainbow!

It felt like a sign after being released from quarantine the exact same day!

When we got back home, I spotted a slow worm in the garden, so of course we had to get more video!

I also had the idea of getting our residence permits sorted out now that we can leave the property, so I emailed Caroline for the email address of the estate agent who helped them with theirs. 

I had an email dialogue with the very helpful guy she’d given us the contact details for called Viktor, who not only said we could come to his office the next day so he could help us arrange them, but also arranged for a taxi driver called Vesko to pick us up the following morning and drive us to the office.

Fantastically helpful and efficient!

It felt like a very productive day!




Photos from today…



Concreting the balcony!











Beautiful boy with the  sunflowers!













Bulgarian Rainbow!





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