Stop Living Your Dreams in Your Head and Start Living Them in Reality!

This is similar to what has propelled me to prioritise travelling myself – until 2 years ago, I’d only ever chosen to take 1 holiday to Majorca in my whole life, as I had developed a belief that foreign holidays weren’t for ‘people like me’.

After becoming chronically ill and then being diagnosed with a genetic condition a couple of years ago, I realised that none of us get out of this life alive and it was time to start prioritising my lifelong dream of travelling! We’ve cut down on ALL but the most vital expenditure, living frugally most days, and are manifesting the money to be able to afford it (something I again never believed possible, as I had such a poverty mindset!).

In just the last year I have pushed past my mental limitations to take my children for a day trip to France, then a trip to Venice for my partner and I, then 5 months later ANOTHER trip to Venice for my birthday, then two months after that, a mini-cruise to another part of France, and finally, we’ve just come back from a trip to Paris!

Gliding up one of Venice’s canals in a gondola!

It’s physically been a challenge because of my health not being great these days (so at the moment, my dreams of walking the Great Wall of China and visiting Machu Picchu are on hold!), so I would urge ANYONE to stop living their dreams in their heads, and get out there living them in reality, whilst you’re still fit and healthy enough to really enjoy it! Heart3.2 copy


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