Congratulations! You’ve made it through Module 1. Your actions demonstrate your commitment to yourself.

You now know that the passion you have at the beginning of a relationship is mostly chemicals in your body and mind. Eventually, this passion reduces as you become involved in the daily routines of life.

You will each go through developmental stages as you grow in your relationship with each other. When you’ve chosen a partner that’s right for you, you’ll grow even closer as time goes on!

You also discovered the power that your childhood and your past relationships can have on your current relationships. However, now that you know the influences to be aware of, you can consciously choose who you want to be with – unfettered by the past.

Lastly, you also discovered how the way you feel about yourself affects your relationships. Love yourself, and it will be easier to find others who will love you too.

Self-Reflection Questions

  1. What are three things which can overshadow the passion in your relationship?
  2. What are ways to decide what is your priority in life?
  3. What are five things which can make the early stages of moving in together difficult?
  4. What types of challenges in your relationship can become major if you don’t address them now?
  5. Why does it take time to merge your lives when you move in together?
  6. What are some of the wonderful things you can look forward to in your relationship?

Moving forward, Module 2 will assist you in developing effective communication skills that support a healthy relationship. Most arguments occur because people misunderstand what the other is saying or doing. Effective communication skills will prevent the type of arguments which can cause lasting harm to a relationship.

Additional Resources

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