Our last full day in the house ☹

After breakfast, we went for another walk down into the village, and found a millipede and a stork’s nest high on top of an electricity pylon.

These are apparently so common in Bulgaria that the electricity companies actually build platforms onto the tops of the pylons to accommodate the nests!

On the stroll back up our road, we saw some goats grazing along the verge. 


One of the beauties of having a holiday home is you get to leave belongings there so your suitcases don’t have to weigh a tonne each time you travel.

[Unless of course, your suitcases are full of all the essential things you’re taking out there, like pans, cutlery, plates etc!]

So as part of the planning and organising, I photographed all the clothing items I’d brought this time so I knew which things I was going to be leaving here ready for our next visit.

There was little point leaving anything of B’s though as he’d have grown out of them by the time we’d be back!

I also photographed all the toiletries, kitchen items, and food items too, so that when we were planning our next shopping list and Praktiker order, we’d know what we already had out there.

We also hoped to replace all the locks on the doors as we’d had such difficulty getting the keys copied, so we also photographed and measured the door locks too.

And knowing we wouldn’t be there for about  6 months and not wanting to waste valuable planning time, we also photographed and videoed the garden so we had lots of info to help us work out how much space we had and what we wanted to do with it all.

Whilst we were pottering around, Ian spotted something moving in the area just at the back of the cottage and called me over.

It turned out to be a small lizard!

We were so excited about finding another bit of Bulgarian wildlife, we took a video of it!

After dinner, when it was dark, we went outside and used 3 sparklers that C had brought over for us, to celebrate  surviving our first holiday out here 😉 !


And as it was our last night in the house and Alex had wanted to introduce us to Dungeons and Dragons, we played a one-off small adventure that he had prepared for us to do.

So after getting B to sleep, we sat on the floor of the cottage kitchen next to the warmth of the still-glowing wood stove and enjoyed my first ever D and D game, whilst eating the kind gift of biscuits from the old lady down the road.

It was an enjoyable, companionable ending to our last night, and our first holiday, here 🙂

Storks nest

Storks nest

Storks nest





Goats down the road from our house





Goats down the road from our house





Daffodils blooming alongside the path to our toilet




Flower garden just starting to bloom

 Delightful dinner!

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