We didn’t record much that we did today, and my memory trying to recall 15 months ago (yes, I’m actually writing these in June 2020!) is very hazy now!

We had another walk down the road to the village.

We took lots of photos of the trees in the garden to try and identify them.

I made sweetcorn fritters on the woodstove, and another loaf of bread, which turned out a little better this time.

And after spotting another neighbour sitting on a bench in the sunshine on our walk back up from the village centre, Ian dropped back with another box of Isle of Wight fudge for her as our way of introducing ourselves.

She made him wait whilst she went indoors and kindly came back out with a box of biscuits 🙂

And that’s pretty much all I can remember now!

Forecast for today




Possible snow-covered Balkan Mountains from just down our road





First blossom on what we think is a cherry plum tree





Sat on the well in the sunshine!





Outside toilet on the far left, vineyard on the right

More Bulgarian wildlife: this time a red spider mite!

Possible natural spring at the top of our land

Cooking dinner on the wood stove

Tonight’s gourmet meal 😀

A semi-edible loaf of bread!





Solar lights lighting up the garden in the evening





Biscuit gifts from the neighbour down the road 🙂

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