I thought it would be a LOVELY idea for B and I to sit down on the blanket in the garden to eat, creating a nice picnic for us, and make the most of the rare sunny weather 🙂

Muffin, the world’s most anti-social cat, ran out towards us from under the trampoline as soon as we’d sat down, meowing enthusiastically. 😀

Which was very cute. 🙂

The next thing I knew, she was actually trying to PEE on me 😱 😱

Which was considerably LESS cute…🤢😠

I jumped when I realised what she was doing and quickly shoved her back-end away from me, so the pee went on the grass next to the blanket instead 👍

Then I carefully explained to B to keep away from that patch of grass as it was now covered with cat wee and I didn’t want him to get it all over him 😱

Which then triggered a sudden DESPERATE need in him to walk, crawl, roll, handstand, cartwheel and perform any other movement it’s possible for a human to make, onto THAT VERY SPOT OF GRASS 🤔

Resulting in me having to quickly catch hold of him as he tried to push past me to get to the pee, and carry him kicking and hitting me away from the area back to the other side of the blanket furthest away from the pee 😑

Sending my lunch flying from the flailing limbs as the tantrum started because Mummy really WAS serious about him not rolling around on the cat-peed-on-grass 😖

As one last final nail in the coffin of my dreams of a lovely picnic in the sunshine, he then grabbed a handful of my lunch, scrunched it up in his hand, and threw it around the garden 🤦‍♀️

Next time, we’ll just eat indoors…🙄😶😂

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