I still remember vividly doing ALL this to get ready to take my oldest to be weighed at the Health Clinic when he was a tiny baby.

I was finally feeling triumphant and starting to win at this challenging ‘New Mum Game’ as I gently stood up with him in my arms and carefully started to manoeuvre him into the pram, ready to get my coat and shoes on.

But my sense of victory was short-lived when ALL the milk that I had just sat and taken about 20 minutes to feed to him was spewed, Exorcist-style, all down me, soaking me right through to my underwear!!

He needed all his clothing changed.

I needed a complete change of clothing, INCLUDING said underwear!

And by the time we’d done all that, and because he had just lost all the milk that had intended to keep him full for the duration of the walk into town, he needed to be fed AGAIN!

For another 20 minutes or so!

With still SORE nipples from the previous feed :O

So next time you envy a Mum sitting around at home on Maternity Leave all day, just realise that it’s NOT all lounging on the sofa drinking coffee and watching daytime TV, like society often seems to think… 😂😘

And if you enjoyed this hilariously true look at life with a new baby, there’s a lot more on the artist’s website!!

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