I could have added a photo of my own to the series below if I’d thought to take one BEFORE cleaning up the carnage!

B (look at those eyes; B should definitely stand for beautiful!) is now 28-months old, and still hates having his nappy changed; he runs away almost every time.

He has an upset tummy today so has been producing copious amounts of foul-smelling substances that also make his nappy and bottom look like he’s been at the Glastonbury Festival during monsoon season.

I’m usually right on the ball and change him as soon as he has ‘been’ but I hadn’t noticed him doing the latest one until he came to me holding out his poo-covered hand…

In my abject fear at having said poo-covered hand suddenly smeared all over his face/in his hair/all over me, I forgot about the aversion he has to being changed and exclaimed:

“Oh, that looks like poo, so we need to change your nappy again!”.

Silly Mummy; never let them know what you’re ABOUT to do, unless you’re already prepped to catch them.

Cue a little cute person doing an immediate 180 degree turn, and toddling away from me as fast as his little legs could go, across the lounge…

…and straight onto the WHITE sofa….

[Yes, I KNOW! What kind of idiot parent to a toddler even HAS a white sofa?! Look, it was £15 from a second-hand site; the point was it was cheap and wouldn’t matter too much if it was ‘toddlered’!

But I STILL don’t want a poo handprint, like some kind of avant-garde fingerpainting, on it.]

Thank heavens for stain remover, removable covers, and washing machines 😀

And I know these photos are staged, but they still made me smile when I found them online after cleaning up all the poo, from the sofa AND the toddler.

Enjoy 😀


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