I felt my last status update of my 30s should be something incredibly profound, so here goes!!

I’m the happiest I’ve EVER been, even though my life is vastly different (and on the face of it, a lot worse) to what I thought it would be by the time I hit 40!

I’ve been through some bloody tough times, but am grateful for every single experience because they’ve all made me who I am today.

I appreciate the little things in life so much more because of the big things I’ve been through, and know that what’s important are the people I share the journey with, and the times I share with them, whether those times are just fleeting or last for years and years.

Everyone who has been even a tiny part of my life has touched my heart and will be remembered forever, and I’m grateful to them for what they’ve taught me about myself and about life.

I’ve learned to live more in the moment and take each day as it comes, and to expect nothing from others, but always hope for the best, because expectations often lead to disappointment, as we can never control other people.

I’ve learned that being hopeful is risky, that I can feel hurt when my hopes are dashed, but that it’s better to continue to hope and risk that pain, than to live a life in fear.

I’ve learned to try to see the best in everyone, rather than the worst, and feel compassion for those who hurt me, rather than anger or fear, because I’ve learned to be responsible for my own feelings and reactions, rather than blaming others for them.

I’ve learned that parenthood is life’s biggest adventure, that my precious boys have taught ME far more than I’ve taught them, and that “Love is everything. It’s magic, and you make it magic by doing it” – Alexander Leslie John Wood, age 4

I’ve learned to laugh more and complain less, and that this simple choice can transform a life of negativity into a life of pleasure and joy.

I’ve learned that all everyone wants is love and acceptance, and that my capacity to give those things unconditionally is increasing the more I practice.

And finally, I’ve learned that no matter what crap I post, SOMEONE is going to read it 🙂

Big love to all you amazing people, and if you got this far, why the hell weren’t you spending the time reading this doing something far more interesting…;oP xx ♥ xx

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