One of my favourite quotes for reminding people that we may have no idea of the arduous journeys some of us have endured, just to get where we are today.

Some of us are born into poverty.

Some of us are born with disabilities.

Some of us are born into abusive situations.

It may have been a major struggle for someone to rise above their life challenges and even finish school with a few qualifications.

Yet some people think they can look at a low-paid manual worker as somehow ‘beneath’ them, assuming they didn’t try hard enough, or pay attention at school, and therefore ‘deserve’ low pay and poor working conditions.

That low-paid manual worker you’re judging could have been a young carer, getting up at 5 am every day to care for their sick or disabled single parent before school, having to stop off at shops on the way home to get food for dinner, then cooking it, and cleaning up the house, before collapsing into bed exhausted after putting their parent to bed, with no time or energy left to do homework, or study for exams.

The depths they may have climbed from could be vast, compared to the heights other people without such challenges have soared, and the effort they have put into their life immense.

Think about this next time you are tempted to look down on someone for their current station in life and just be grateful that your own life afforded you the luxury of not having the same challenges…



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