The Bulgaria Adventures 5.3: What Time is it in Giant Land?!

An absolute miracle occurred last night!

B actually slept in his own bed all night, not even waking in the evening!!!

He’s only ever done that once before in his life! 

Ok, so it was about 5am something when he woke but it was still a miracle!!

It must be the good fresh country air and the more natural lifestyle we have out there 🙂

I however slept terribly as I kept worrying something was wrong! 

Because he’d fallen over a few times the day before, I thought he might not be getting up because he’d had a head injury I wasn’t aware of!!

Another quiet day pottering today. 

We had the same for breakfast as yesterday.

We did lots of gardening and clearing, and I didn’t record much about this day.

B had fun playing with some giant dandelion-like clocks we found.

We call the normal-sized one Fairy Clocks, so we joked that these ones must tell the time in Giant Land 😀

I made pasta and sauce for dinner, and froze half for another day, to save cooking.

It was my turn to settle B to sleep, so I read him one of the stories I’d brought on my Kindle app on my phone then joined Ian on the balcony again for the evening, until bed.

I could get used to this more gentle-paced lifestyle… 😉




Photos from today…






Bug on pink evening primrose flower

B loves all the little bugs here <3














 B having fun making muddy

puddles on the top of the stairs,

and splashing in them!





Rustic Bulgarian lunch!

Cooking dinner in the temporary kitchen!

Our gourmet dinner is served 😉

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