We heard woodpeckers in one of the trees over the road first thing this morning, which was a lovely sound 🙂 It really IS so peaceful here, which feels like such bliss when you have sensory overwhelm from too much noise!

One of the things we’d planned to do on our next visit to the house was to bring some food colouring and flush some coloured water down the various drains so we could see exactly where it came out.

We wanted to see if it would be possible to fit facilities like an indoor flushing toilet, bath, proper shower, washing machine etc, as we had no idea about the sewerage and wastewater system here.

C and D came over for lunch and again, as it was simple and quick to do with so few facilities and equipment, I made pasta with tomato sauce again.

We sat on the steps in the sunshine (as again, we have no dining table and chairs yet!), and shared some of the home-made red wine that the next door neighbour gave us, in paper cups that C brought round, which was REALLY delicious!

Their visit was mostly chatting and getting to know each other more, but we genuinely felt like we’d known them forever!

It was actually sad to say goodbye to them when they left, as I felt so comfortable with them and really enjoyed their company.

After they’d gone, we decided to go for a walk round the block, the walk that the boys and Ian had done the other day but I’d not yet had chance to do myself.

The evening sunshine was beautifully warm and the air was fragrant from all the blossoming trees, which had almost miraculously started to flower in the last couple of days.

It was glorious!

We walked down the lane that passed the bottom of our garden and it was interesting to see our house and land through the still-bare trees at the boundary wall.

Turning the corner again, we walked a few metres down and came across a very strange sight!

A garden full of sheep!

I’d heard them bleating a few times over the couple of days we’d been there, but had guessed they were in a field nearby!

I would have never guessed they were just penned up in someone’s back garden like this!

Unfortunately, the video didn’t pick up the sound very clearly, but there were so many bees buzzing around the newly blossoming trees, it was incredible to hear them all!

As we’d had a large lunch with C and D, we just had a bit of bread, boiled eggs, and cheese for a light supper and then we got B to bed and relaxed for a short while ourselves before going to sleep ourselves.

We didn’t get many photos today as we were busy socialising. but Ian did manage to get a video of B doing one of his new favourite things; dragging a suitcase up and down the path to the outside toilet 😀

Lunch today!
Blossoms on some of our trees just starting to open

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