Getting Crafty with the Boys

Do other parents of boys find the same thing when they try to do ‘crafty’ things with them?

An hour of Christmas card making this morning has so far involved:

  • WWF style wrestling over a red pen
  • climbing under the dining room table playing with the cat
  • scribbling a picture of their Dad being sick on the envelope
  • drawing a rude picture of their brother on the blackboard
  • asking me repeatedly for chocolate and sweets
  • performing an impromptu duet (complete with interpretive dance) of Kate Bush’s Babboushka (wish I’d got a video!)
  • wheeling each other around on the wheeled computer chair
  • dragging each other around on the laminate floor pretending to be a record player
  • giving each other horsey-rides
  • and using the felt tip pens to draw chest hairs on themselves!!

and STILL only 1 card each made….!!

Sorry to all our friends and family; they might have to be bought cards this year…;)

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