Do other parents of boys find the same thing when they try to do ‘crafty’ things with them?

An hour of Christmas card making this morning has so far involved:

  • WWF style wrestling over a red pen
  • climbing under the dining room table playing with the cat
  • scribbling a picture of their Dad being sick on the envelope
  • drawing a rude picture of their brother on the blackboard
  • asking me repeatedly for chocolate and sweets
  • performing an impromptu duet (complete with interpretive dance) of Kate Bush’s Babboushka (wish I’d got a video!)
  • wheeling each other around on the wheeled computer chair
  • dragging each other around on the laminate floor pretending to be a record player
  • giving each other horsey-rides
  • and using the felt tip pens to draw chest hairs on themselves!!

and STILL only 1 card each made….!!

Sorry to all our friends and family; they might have to be bought cards this year…;)

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