Anyone ever had to get brown softened window sealant off their nipple?!  Now there’s a question I bet you never thought you’d be asked!

My 2-year-old discovered that in warm weather, the window sealant turns soft and squishy, like play dough, so had great fun picking it off and got it all over his hands. I SWEAR I only left him for a couple of minutes, looking out of the window at the cars in the road (or so I thought!) whilst I fixed him a snack!

After painstakingly getting the worst of it off his hands, I sat down to give him some milk and when he popped off, I realised I had this fricking stuff smeared all over my nipple too! It turns out he had put his goo-covered fingers in his mouth, which had smudged it all over his teeth, which then transferred to me during his feed!! It’s an absolute BITCH to get off, so I reached for the trusty magic eraser sponge and gently rubbed it on some of it…

…and then I had a bleeding, stinging, sore nipple, STILL covered in gooey brown crap, and increasing reluctance to use much else on it to try and remove it!  Honestly, who KNEW magic eraser could rip your skin to shreds so easily :O ?!

Thank GOODNESS for Facebook breastfeeding forums!!

I asked on there and got a few helpful suggestions, including walking around with the boob out to air it to heal the bleeding, whilst also drying the sealant so it’s easier to ‘pick’ off!

It also gave everyone a bit of a giggle at my expense too 😂

Laughing is sometimes the ONLY thing you can do when you find yourself in a bizarre situation like this!

As (bad) luck would have it, we had a guy round for over 2 hours that morning too, dismantling and taking away the old greenhouse, so I couldn’t even wander around with my sore boob hanging out, like I would do normally!! Thankfully, I use coconut oil for everything else and after the suggestions, slapped a load of that on (in private!) and covered up with a loose old t-shirt so as to not give the poor guy an eyeful of brown goo-covered, shiny and oily, Bounty-bar-scented, bleeding boob!  Kim Kardashian had better not steal this idea for her next “Break the Internet” photo shoot 😀

I eventually gently managed to wipe it all away, after repeatedly applying and re-wiping, so it was finally clean but just sore, and spent the rest of the afternoon shifting furniture around to block Mr Toddler’s access to the goo, so it won’t happen again!

Honestly, just when you think you have the baby-proofing all sorted, they find something ELSE you would never have dreamed of needing to baby-proof LMAO!!

Was so glad I asked on the Facebook group, as I learned a few new tips on ‘sticky-substance removal’ 🙂

Plus they, and now you reading this too, have all learned what NOT to use to remove sticky melted window sealant from your nips; I call that a win-win! <3

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