Swearing warning! I’m also not keen on the ‘man-shaming’ in this video, even if it’s being done by a man.

UPDATE: The original Facebook video has been removed, so I’ve sourced an alternative article that features the video.  Click the link below and the article will open up in a new tab.

Your RELATIONSHIP game is weak.

Posted by Sean Whalen on Friday, 7 September 2018

But I LOVE it when he says “It’s NOT about the flowers; it’s about the thought process that goes through your mind when you’re thinking about the flowers”, or words to that effect.
It’s about the investment that ALL parties to a relationship, regardless of gender, need to make to keep that relationship alive and flourishing.
It’s about the ‘service’ that you are giving whilst investing in that relationship, about you spending a few minutes each day away from the phone/TV/book/work/kids etc and thinking about how you can put a smile on the face of the other person that you have CHOSEN to spend your time with.
It’s about recognising everything the other person does that makes YOUR life better; whether that is going out and earning money, staying at home and caring for the family, putting the meals on the table (whether that is paying for them, planning them, cooking them, cleaning up after them etc), keeping the house clean, getting out of bed each day and dealing with that shitty boss they hate so much, etc etc etc, and actually SHOWING genuine appreciation for ALL of that.
Because ALL of those things are ‘acts of love’, done not because they enjoy doing them, but because they love YOU enough to keep doing them, day after day, even when they are sick, even when they dread doing it, even when it bores them stupid.
So SHOW your love and appreciation instead of acting like “They owe you” and are therefore not worthy of gratitude for their ‘contribution’ to the family/relationship, however that is made.
Because if you let that relationship sink down lower and lower in your list of priorities, eventually you could be left with nothing but an empty heart, broken dreams, and NOBODY to thank for what they did for you today… <3
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