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Home is, so they say, where the heart is!  And it can be hard to love your life when your home is in disorganised chaos. 

So keep your home as a wonderful haven for the most treasured parts of your life with our tools, information and tips on skills like decluttering, organising housework,  and home management.

The Bulgaria Adventures 3.4: A VERY Busy Day!

The next morning was much warmer and sunnier than yesterday, and after the usual breakfast of coffee, cereal and milk again, Ian, Alex and I set off on an adventure! We'd come up with the idea of looking around the abandoned house over the road to see if we could find...

The Bulgaria Adventures 3.3: Our First Full Day in the House

After a pretty cold night, when we woke the next morning there was frost on the ground outside! Ian. B and I got up and dressed, grabbed a coffee to warm us up, plus a bowl of cereal and milk, and left the big boys in bed whilst we went for a stroll up the road to...

The Bulgaria Adventures 3.1: Travelling to Bulgaria

The journey up to Gatwick was uneventful but we were very unimpressed with the 'official' taxi booth there. Booking a taxi through them to get to our Travelodge cost £15, so when we did the return trip back to Gatwick at 4am the following morning, we prebooked through...

The Bulgaria Adventures 2.0: Our First Visit to Bulgaria

After winning the eBay auction, the seller sent us an invoice, which included the winning price, the tax and the legal expenses: 1 Bulgarian Smallholding For sale Farm House :  6800.00 2 Notary and legal fees : 441.00 3 State tax (5% of purchase price) : 340.00 TOTAL...

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