When it comes to home organisation, one area of the home that often gets overlooked is the refrigerator.

But when you organise it properly, you are able to find what you need, fit everything in your refrigerator, and know when it’s time to throw out old food items.

Here are some helpful tips for organising your refrigerator for optimal food storage.

Use Stackable Containers

An easy way to start organising your refrigerator is to use shelves that can be stacked on top of each other.

The reason is because what often happens is the lowest and main shelf in your refrigerator is probably not being completely utilised.

You might have some taller items there, like milk and juice bottles, but the majority of the height on the shelf goes to waste.

By using stackable containers on this shelf, you not only have some items organised inside those containers, but there should be room on top for either more containers, or to place shorter items.

This gives you a lot more space in your refrigerator that you weren’t using before.

Remove Items from Packaging

When you buy items that come in packaging to keep them together, you can probably organise a little better by removing them from this packaging.

This includes items like pudding cups, yogurt, fridge packs of soda, and similar items.

When you start pulling the items individually as you use them, you end up with packaging that isn’t really necessary.

It takes up more space and can make your refrigerator look messy.

It is easier to remove them from this packaging to better organise items in your refrigerator.

It will look nicer and you can often fit more items.

Don’t Overdo it on The Organisers

While organisers in the refrigerator are highly recommended to put together similar items, sometimes you end up using them more than you really need to.

If you are just using them because you happen to have them, consider whether they are a benefit or a burden.

Sometimes, you use so many of them, that it’s hard to really fit oddly-sized or shaped items in your refrigerator.

Start Slow

Don’t overwhelm yourself and expect to have a perfectly organised refrigerator from day one.

Just start by cleaning out your fridge and removing items that are expired or you know you won’t use.

Then start getting containers just a few at a time, moving things around, and experimenting with how you want everything arranged.

Use magnetic whiteboards and a dry-wipe pen to write down the contents of your fridge, so you can see at a glance what’s inside.

You can also use this for writing on items that are getting low or need adding to your shopping list.

Keeping your fridge better organised can help you save money by using up food before it goes off and needs throwing away/replacing.

Try our tips to start saving money today!



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