Like Thunderstorms? You’ll LOVE This!

Tonight we’ve had a LOT of thunderstorms, so being the geeks that we are that love to know facts about things we experience, we Googled them to find out some more information about them.

We discovered something even BETTER:

A REAL-time live map of lightning strikes :O

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how amazing this is?!



The red dots on the second screenshot show strikes as they have just occurred, with the circles around them showing the outward movement of the shockwave, essentially the sound of the thunder.

We were amazed how accurate this was as we watched the flash of lightning out of our window.  Then we switched to watch on the map, saw the red dot appear so we knew exactly where the lightning had occurred and, as the circle spread outwards towards our town, we then heard the thunder.

Modern technology is SOOO cool 😀

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