Love Your Life Platinum Membership

We admit it!

We’re TOTAL info junkies here at Love Your Life!

And we’re multi-passionate too!

We’re interested in everything, and love expanding our minds and knowledge, learning new information and skills!

Many of our customers, just like us, have an insatiable appetite for life and learning, and want access to EVERYTHING right now!



So we decided to launch our

Love Your Life Platinum Membership Club!











For all you multi-passionate info junkies who get as excited as a child on Christmas morning at the thought of a tonne of courses, ebooks, tools, and other resources being available to you INSTANTLY!!!!


So we decided to launch our

Love Your Life Platinum Membership Club!











For all you multi-passionate info junkies who get as excited as a child on Christmas morning at the thought of a tonne of courses, ebooks, tools, and other resources being available to you INSTANTLY!!!!

And because we are equally passionate about sharing knowledge and giving value for money, we’re also a teensy bit OBSESSED with adding more and more items to our store for you!





So your membership will be worth

even MORE to you!

What’s Included With

The Love Your Life Platinum Membership?

Being multi-passionate means we’re interested in multiple aspects of life!

No being tied down to a single niche for US 😉

So you’ll find a HUGE variety of resources including, but not limited to: 

  • ebooks

  • full courses

  • video training

  • graphics packs

  • audios, including music files

  • tools such as spreadsheets

  • and loads more!

across all the following aspects of life:

  • Love Your Body
  • Love Your Business
  • Love Your Career
  • Love Your Children
  • Love Your Community
  • Love Your Home
  • Love Your Leisure
  • Love Your Mind
  • Love Your Money
  • Love Your Pets
  • Love Your Relationships
  • Love Your Spirit
  • Love Your World

Upcoming Releases

 We have other products in the pipeline for release over the next few months:

 Love Your Business: Instagram Ads Course

Love Your Business: Graphics Treasure Chest

Love Your Mind: Mindfulness Course

 Love Your Body: Boost Your Immune System Course

Love Your Relationships: The Science of Love Course

Plus lots more, including planners, colouring/activity books (both for adults and children), courses, kits, Canva templates, and printables!


Let’s Make This EVEN MORE of a No-Brainer!


 When our planned Instagram Ads course is finished– you WILL get full access to THAT!

When our Mindfulness course is completed – you’ll be able to download THAT as well!

When our Boost Your Immune System course is ready to go – you will get access to THAT as well!

 When we add any new content to our membership – you’ll get that too,

 whilst your membership is active!


Only £127.00 Per Year For All Our Digital eBooks, Courses, Tools, Kits, Graphics, Audios and MORE!

You’ll Enjoy The Lowest Price For As Long As You Keep Your Membership!

As we add more resources to our store we may decide to raise the price of the membership.

Lock in now at the low launch price, and keep paying the same price every year (as long as you maintain your membership), EVEN if the price goes up in future!

Pay ONLY £127 per year! 

That’s less then £11 per month; you probably spend more on coffee and snacks 😉 





















What you get when you join

the Love Your Life Platinum Membership!


in PDF format, to download, save to a device and read, 

wherever and whenever it’s most convenient for you.

self-paced Courses

let you dig deeper into topics that matter most to you.

tools and resources such as spreadsheets, graphics, audio files, kits, printables, planners, checklists, worksheets and more!

for journaling, planning, creating, goal-setting, exploring, dreaming, and much more! 


Weight Loss Tracker Spreadsheet

Healing Meditation Audio

Floral Meal Planner

Black Friday Sale Planner Worksheet

Complete Newbies Training

Viral Traffic Through Infographics

Graphics Club

Info Product Academy

Logo Template Pack

Making Money with Snapchat

Love Your Music Packs 1 & 2

Ambient Sounds Recordings

Newbie Lessons

Traffic Training Formula

Resell Rights Club

YouTube Your Business

The Small Business Survival Guide

Christmas Graphics

Halloween Graphics

Personal Branding Blueprint

Finding a Job

Finding a Job

Printable Calendar Chart for Children

Printable Toddler Song Sack Kit

Birthday Party Planner

Princess Colouring Book

The Life Changing Magic of Decluttering Course

It's Christmas!

Food Storage Jar Labels Printable

Mandala Colouring Book 1

Playful Pups Colouring Book

The Ultimate Guide to Indoor Fun

7 Days to a More Fulfilling Life Kit

Achieving Your Dreams Without Fear Kit

Adult Child of Alcoholic/Dysfunctional Families Worksheet Pack

ADHD Information and Worksheet Pack

Desktop Wallpapers Pack 1

Criticism Kit

Gratitude Journal

Self-Esteem Journal

Self-Love Journal

Vision Board Kit

50 Simple Stress Relief Strategies

Floral 2021 Life Planner

Budget Spreadsheet

10 Must-Have Traits if You Want to Be Wealthy

Finance Planner

Pet Care Planner

Pet Care Planner

Healthy Boundaries Course

A Journey Towards Your Beautiful Authentic Life

Spiritual Affirmations Audio

Travel Itinerary Planner

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I get EVERYTHING I see on the website when I join?
A:  The Love Your Life Platinum Club gives you instant access to ALL* our digital products currently on the site, and in addition, you get INSTANT access to everything we release in future, as long as your membership is active!

Q: How do I access my resources?
A: Most of the downloadable products are available through the store; find the item you wanted to download and once you have access to them, a Download tab will appear on that item.  Some of the bigger courses are available through your Course Dashboard, which is under “My Account” on the main menu.  And one of our resources, “Newbie Lessons”, is accessed via our partner’s website, so you’d need to create a login with them.  This is because it is SOOO big and is updated regularly, so the creator keeps it on their website so they can maintain it more easily than pushing out updates to all their partners so often!


*Does not include any of our physical products or the ph360 membership.

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