Just found out I could have been at my graduation ceremony today for my DipHE, if the Uni had actually told me about it! Oh well, I had better things to do anyway, like flooding my bathroom…;o)

I managed to flood the bathroom by taking apart the leaking waste pipe so I could buy the right sized new fitting. Then as I left to go and get it, I mindlessly decided to multi-task and set the washing machine going so it would all be ready to hang out when I got home, completely forgetting that the washing machine outlet feeds into the very waste pipe I’d just dismantled LOL!

Came back to a very soggy bathroom floor! Mopped it up, fitted the new coupler and decided that as I’d already had to empty the room to dry it out, I might as well fit the cork tiles I’ve been meaning to put down in there for ages, to cover up the disgusting orange floor tiles that have been offending my eyes for goodness knows how long!

So it was a good thing I flooded it really as it gave me a much-needed boot up the arse 😀

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