Floral 2021 Life Planner




So 2020 didn’t exactly go according to anyone’s plans.

I know I had plenty of plans that had to be adapted, changed, or completely written off this year.

But it’s challenges like this that teach us resilience, adaptability, and resourcefulness.

And is one of the reasons why we’ve decided to add a range of planners to our collection of resources this year.

Our 2021 Life planner will help you record and plan your goals, appointments, to-do lists and more.

With beautiful floral watercolours, this planner will be a pleasure to look at each day 🙂

We’ve included several different spreads for the daily, weekly, and monthly layouts.

And different artwork too.

So you can choose exactly which layout works for you, and which artwork you prefer.

And ONLY print out exactly the pages that you want, rather than wasting ink, paper, time and resources printing pages you’ll never need or use!

Plus get our brand new matching  Floral Meal Planner and Floral Finance Planner as a bonus, included absolutely free!



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