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If you’re asking yourself if your books should be in audio as well as print and ebook formats, then the answer is yes!

It’s not a trend. This is the eighth year in a row of increased audiobook sales. Audiobooks are a billion-dollar industry, and you deserve a piece of that pie as an author. Not putting your books in audio could be a huge mistake.

Especially when it has become so easy to create them!

What if you could crank out amazing audiobooks for easy cash, even if you’re running another business or working a day job, and get home late, constantly feeling too tired to do anything?

Got a physical book that is rare to find? Convert it into an audiobook and publish it as yours!

And no, I’m not talking about spending hundreds of pounds on hiring freelancers to do all the work for you.

With this tool in your hands, you can:

  • Break into new niches, even if you know nothing about the subject.
  • Increase your visibility and chances of making a sale. This tool allows you to create dozens of audiobooks per HOUR!
  • Save money hiring freelancers (just click or tap your way to Audible audiobooks people WANT to buy.)

If you already have one or more Ebooks published, turning them into audiobooks too will allow you to reach a wider audience and help more people.

These days, people spend more time on the go and less time sitting in one place. This means they have or choose to spend less time sitting down absorbing text-based information.

So audiobooks are increasingly becoming popular.

The beauty of audiobooks is that they can be consumed at any moment and are not a single-person activity.

People use audiobooks daily while exercising, walking the dog, shopping, driving, etc.

Now you can create audiobooks and podcasts with just three simple steps, in 2 minutes, and with just a couple of clicks!

Step 01
Login to the cloud-based platform

Step 02
Take a photo with your phone, copy an article from the internet, or grab your own ebook(s) & upload them into AudioCreate

Step 03
Download your audiobook and sell it on Amazon or to your OWN clients!

This cloud-based software can turn ANY text or article into a beautiful & complete audiobook with voice inflections and different talking styles.

It is like having your own army of audiobook artists working for you 24/7.

  • Turn Any Physical Book /Ebook/ Article Into an Audiobook in Just 60 Seconds
  • Create & Sell Audiobooks Without Even Speaking a Word
  • Use Them as Lead Magnets to Build an Audience.
  • Export in Any Language to Reach Millions of People.
  • Audiobooks With Natural Human Sounding Voices!
  • Download Your Audiobook in Mp3 Format
  • Start an Instant Podcast and Build Your Fanbase.
  • No Recording Equipment, Microphone, Editing Software, or Experience is Required!
  • You Can Narrate Audiobooks in Your Own Voice Too!
  • Preview Your Audio to Hear How It’ll Sound Before Exporting!
  • Choose the pitch, voice style & speed of your audiobook
  • 24×7 Dedicated Support & Promised Monthly Updates!

Please note, this is NOT included in any of our memberships, and is a separate purchase, even if you are a Platinum club member.

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