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A groundbreaking new book from natural birth pioneer, Janet Balaskas, a renowned teacher and writer. Based on 15 years of working with water births, the book is packed with inspiring stories. This is the indispensable handbook for parents contemplating a water birth and the midwives who will attend them in labour.

This is a comprehensive guide to all aspects of water birth from the leading name in natural and active births, Janet Balaskas.

Introducing a deep pool of warm water to the birthing room – either at home or in hospital – is a good way of making labour shorter, easier and more comfortable, increasing the mother’s sense of privacy and making the baby’s entry into the world gentle and free from trauma.

The Waterbirth Book is a straightforward, detailed and supportive guide for both parents and medical staff, providing all the necessary advice for parents contemplating a waterbirth either at home or in a hospital. It includes:
• the history of birthing in water
• the benefits of water in labour – pain relief, hormonal effects, speed of labour and more
• choosing a waterbirth – other birth choices, practical considerations, professional support
• preparing for a waterbirth – hospital facilities, pool hire, learning to be at ease in the water
• using the pool in labour – the practicalities, what to expect

Full of inspiring stories and black and white photographs the book provides a fascinating document of home births with water from the past 15 years.

This is a second-hand book: paperback version, but pretty good condition. I used to use this as a library book for my antenatal course attendees to borrow, so there may be a Property Of sticker inside the front cover. I haven’t removed this because the only time I tried, the book became damaged.

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