The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers – Jack Newman and Teresa Pitman


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Although breastfeeding is the natural and healthy way to nourish your baby, it’s not always easy. Many new mothers are scared away from nursing because of difficulty getting started and lack of information about what to do when things don’t go as planned. In this fully revised and updated edition of The Ultimate Breastfeeding Book of Answers, two of today’s foremost lactation experts help new mothers overcome their fears, doubts, and practical concerns about one of the most special ways a mother can bond with her baby.

In this comprehensive guide, Dr. Jack Newman, a leading authority on infant care, and Teresa Pitman, a La Leche League leader for more than twenty years, give you the facts about breastfeeding and provide solutions for the common problems that arise. Filled with the same practical advice that made the first edition a must-have for nursing moms, the new edition features updates on:

  • Achieving a good latch
  • What to do if your baby refuses the breast
  • Avoiding sore nipples
  • Ensuring your baby gets enough milk
  • Feeding a colicky baby
  • Breastfeeding premature and special-needs babies

This is a second-hand book: paperback version. Pretty good condition. I used to use this as a library book for my antenatal course attendees to borrow, so there is a Property Of sticker inside the front cover. I haven’t removed this because the only time I tried, the book became damaged.

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