The Drinks Are on Me – Veronika Sophia Robinson


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The Drinks Are On Me reclaims and celebrates the ancient art of breastfeeding ~ a natural way of feeding our babies which has allowed humanity to exist for millions of years. Veronika Robinson draws on her rich experiences as a breastfeeding mother ~ a ten year journey which included five years of tandem nursing ~ and explains why breastfeeding is vital for the healthy continuation of the species. Embracing a holistic view, she shows how to overcome common and not so common breastfeeding challenges, whether they’re physical, emotional or cultural. This book uncovers some of the myths surrounding breastfeeding and takes a unique mind, body and soul approach to a little understood subject.

This is a second-hand book: paperback version. Almost new condition.
I used to use this as a library book for my course attendees to borrow, so there is a Property Of sticker inside the front cover. I haven’t removed this because the only time I tried, the book became damaged.

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