Perfect Mothers Invisible Women – Susan Van Scoyoc


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A leading family therapist explains how it is possible for modern women to be successful mothers – and still keep their own identity

Do you often feel invisible – to your husband, your children and your parents?
Does your partner think the children and the house are your responsibility?
Do parents and in-laws walk past you to see their grandchildren?
Do you feel guilty when you put your own needs first?

In her many years experience as a chartered psychologist and family therapist, Susan Van Scoyoc has worked with a growing number of women who feel that in trying to put their families first, all the time, their own needs and personality have simply been submerged. She has developed ways of helping them to face up to the problem, and to take back control of their own lives for their own, and ultimately their families’ good.

This is a second-hand book: paperback version. Cover marked and creased, but otherwise fairly good condition.  I used to use this as a library book for my course attendees to borrow, so there is a Property Of sticker inside the front cover. I haven’t removed this because the only time I tried, the book became damaged.

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