Pain Relief in Childbirth – Nikki Bradford & Geoffrey Chamberlain


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This book answers the major questions asked by every women expecting a child: How much is it going to hurt and what can I do about it?; what does labour and delivery really feel like?; what can I do about pain and discomfort after the birth?; This work covers all possible pain relief options, their pros and cons, and tell what other women thought of their own experience of them: epidurals; pethidine; gas and air; TENS; massage; water; acupuncture; hypnosis, aromatherapy, visualisation; and herbalism. It aims to ensure that a pregnant women feels not only fully informed but also confident about the choices she makes about managing her own labour, whether she decides on every medical intervention possible or a completely natural birth.

This is a second-hand book, but the condition is pretty good.

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