I’ve just been reading an ebook by Dr Robert Anthony, and in it was a lesson about the Titanic, which I’m going to paraphrase as I think it holds an important message.

As you probably know, the Titanic was the largest ship of her time and sank in the Atlantic whilst on her maiden voyage, with the loss of many lives.

At the time she sank, there was another ship just 30 miles away, the California.

Radio communication was in its infancy during this time and the only radio operator on board the California has closed down for the night and gone to bed.

An hour later, the Titanic was sending out desperate SOS pleas.

But the nearest ship, which could have arrived quickly and saved many lives, just did not hear those pleas and carried on, oblivious to the distress close by.

As we sail on the sea of life, people around us are going to hit proverbial icebergs too and cry out for help.

But humans don’t shout out ‘SOS’ or ‘Help me’.

Instead, they behave in angry ways, or are sarcastic, or sulky, or in any way that may be considered ‘attention-seeking’.

You even hear people saying “Just ignore him; he’s just looking for attention”.

If someone is looking for attention, they have a need to be seen, for someone to notice them.

Their behaviour is their way of sending out an SOS.

So MY plea to you today, and every day, is to not hear “I hate you”, but to hear the SOS behind it that says “Please love me; I’m hurt, I’m lost, I’m lonely”.

Don’t hear “Mind your own business” but “Help me; I’m lonely and need love”

Please see the Titanics all around us that need our help and offer it with love.

Because we’ve probably ALL been Titanics at some point in our lives….

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